Give Away for Childbirth Workers – InJoy $25 Gift Certificate

I won this $25 gift certificate for InJoy at an auction at the DASC dinner.  But I don’t need any things from InJoy right now and it expires in November.  I am all stocked up for the year.  So I am happy to do a give away to my fellow birth workers!

Visit InJoy and browse around and see what they have.

  • Videos
  • Power Points
  • Booklets

Not sure what to get?  I use the See What You Read Parent Guides in my Hypnobabies class and it is GREAT resource!  A perfect tool for educators and birth workers.  🙂

$25 Gift Certificate Give Away

There are a few ways to get entries to win.

  • 1 entry by leaving a comment saying why you want to win this gift certificate
  • 1 entry by blogging about this give away and letting me know.
  • 1 entry by adding the Enjoy Birth Blog to your RSS and letting me know.
  • 1 entry by posting about the give away on e-mail groups or bulletin boards and letting me know.
  • 1 entry by liking my Facebook Enjoy Birth Page and letting me know.
  • 1 entry by following me on Twitter and letting me know.
  • 1 entry for re-tweeting this post and letting me know.

Let me know which things you have done in the comment section!

Good Luck!

Last entry will be accepted by midnight on Feb 21st.

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11 Comments on “Give Away for Childbirth Workers – InJoy $25 Gift Certificate

  1. I would love to win this gift. I’m a fellow Hypnobabies instructor and the more information that I can have access to on childbirth, the better instructor I can be.

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  3. I would love to win. I am a future Hypnobabies instructor, and those booklets look like a good resource to have.

    I already follow your RSS feed in my blogger reading list and I already like EnjoyBirth on facebook. Still haven’t signed up for twitter…

    I will schedule a post about the giveaway on my blog.

  4. This gift certificate would be so helpful for me! I am a labor and delivery nurse, studying to be a midwife and I just started teaching childbirth classes as a way to make some money while I’m in school. I will also soon be teaching a course on sexuality for women and being comfortable with one’s self. I have not yet purchased any teaching materials and I know it’s going to be an expensive investment and even $25 would really help a lot. Thanks!
    PS if you have any recommendations of which materials are really essential and helpful, I’d love to know!

  5. I would love to win the gift cert because i am a brand new cbe and this would help me out a lot with teaching my classes.

    i liked your page, i am following you on twitter

  6. I’m an independent childbirth educator and would love to win this InJoy gift certificate! I’m trying to stock up my lending library. I love their Healthy Birth Your Way: 6 Steps to a Safer Birth DVD. I have my eyeball on Everyday Miracles: A Celebration of Birth. This gift certificate would put it within reach. I like to show that one (on to childbirth classes before class has started, to give them something positive to watch while waiting on others, since it’s only 7 min., but sometimes YouTube has errors. Or I might get Fromm Bottles To Breasts to Baby-Friendly since it’s only $19.95. I’m hoping to teach continuing ed classes (pro bono) to nurses in local hospitals sometime in the near future. Our hospitals are as opposite of Baby-Friendly as they come.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

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