I have way too many clothes and I don’t even like clothes!

So when I heard about Project 333 where people purge their clothes down to 33 items, I thought “I can do that!!!”

Well, I guess I can’t.  But I did get rid of 1/3 of my clothes!  🙂  I am off to a great start! (From my experience of cleaning Thing 3’s room, I know that even doing that much will make it so much easier next time to get rid of more!)

Here is why I need to get rid of clothes.  I have so many it is too hard to put clean ones away and they end up piled on things!

My biggest problem is skirts and what I determined is I need to buy skirt hangers that come apart, so when I wear a skirt I take a hanger out so it is easy to hang back up!

My stuffed closet

I made a few different piles.

  1. Things I love
  2. Things I want to keep but don’t love
  3. Birth Shirts (I had 10)
  4. Specialty items (like formal dresses and things I like to bring on trips)
  5. Give Away
Things I love and things I want to keep

My things I love pile was so big, part of it fell to the floor!

I think it was equal to things I want to keep but don’t know why.

I started by putting all the things I love back into the closet.  (along with specialty items and my birth shirts -special specialty item)

Then I went through the pile I wanted to keep but didn’t know why.  I got rid of all but 12 things in that pile on the right – pretty good!  Those things I hung up with the hanger backward in my closet.  If I wear it I will turn the hanger around.  In 2 months if I haven’t worn it, out it goes!)

Finished Closet

Then I got to work on my dresser.  I took all my pants out – which took up 2 drawers.

Then I got rid of some and hung 3 pair in my closet and put the jeans back into a drawer and made another drawer my exercise/lounge drawer.

Then I went through my pj an underwear drawers.  I got rid of some of those things too!

At the end I had 60 items I gave away and I kept 120.  So 1/3 of my clothes donated!

Now my pants fit into my dresser much easier and I will go buy some new skirt hangers and hopefully that will help me keep those put away.  I will revisit my clothes in about 2 months and purge more!

Maybe I will one day get down to 33!

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