I got my IUD out yesterday.

Coils (IUD)
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My Mirena has expired, so I went to get it out yesterday.  The string had gone up into my uterus a few years ago, so my OB had to get it out by going up into my uterus with a tool, guided by ultrasound, to get it out.

It was about as fun as it sounds like it would be.  I had been practicing my Hypnobabies all week, hoping it may help.

It did help me stay calm and relaxed, but it did hurt.

I remember when I got my IUD in when T3 was about 2 months old and getting it in hurt more than my birth did.

Hypnobabies is meant for natural things – like birth… not unnatural things, like putting in or taking out a little plastic thing from your uterus.   However I am glad that I practiced my tools and used them.  Like I said it kept me calm and relaxed, it may have even helped it be more comfortable.

It only took a few minutes to take it out, it wasn’t fun, but manageable.

Now the big dilemma – what to do for birth control?

My friend says once I get a period again, I will want another IUD.  It is true, I haven’t really had a period in 4 1/2 years. This could be weird.  I will have to see how heavy they are, I may end up getting a Menstrual Cup.

I will post on Monday about my birth control options.  What do you use?

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24 Comments on “I got my IUD out yesterday.

  1. We’ve been using NFP for the past five years! 🙂


    Do you have a good book or website with more info. The last time we did it, I didn’t really mind if we got pregnant.

    Diana Reply:

    I started off by reading “Taking Charge of Your Fertility,” which is a good resource. We then took a 4-week class (1 class every month for four months) at a local Catholic church through the Couple to Couple League International, which was just awesome (and I prefer their life-philosophy too!). The teachers were great and I learned so much!!! I hear, too, that they have way-simplified the rules since we took the class 5 years ago so that now it’s even easier. Charting, once you get the hang of it, is super-easy and just as accurate as the pill – and with no physical or ethical implications! We love it.

  2. Menstrual cups FTW! I have light periods, as I’m on the pill, but I love mine and wouldn’t go back to tampons. This site has great info, comparisons, FAQs etc. if you want to look into it.http://menstrualcups.org/


    Thanks for the link! Even one day with a pad is driving me crazy. I hate to wear tampons when my flow is light.

  3. Birth control is the farthest thing from my mind:-). I would have to agree with NFP. Birth control pills and anything with hormones freak me out.

  4. I second TCOYF and I love my Diva cup. I only got to use it for two months before I got pregnant again (we were trying). I’m fortunate that my cycles are really affected by nursing and didn’t get a period until my first was 17 months old. I would love to take a class to make the TCOYF material stick even better in my brain.

  5. I’ve been considering Essure. A coil is placed in each fallopian tube and scar tissue builds up around it so the egg cannot pass, and it dissolves back into the body. It is permanent birth control and hormone free, and supposed to be as effective as a vasectomy. The horror stories kinda freak me out, but it’s been around for a while. It’s an in-office procedure too.

  6. We use a diaphragm. It has worked great when I need it and I don’t have to be on hormones. Not crazy about having a period, but you have to respect the thing as that is what is needed for a baby to grow! We are done (have four kids) and are now “debating” who gets “fixed” 🙂

  7. I think you already know this, but I’ll share anyway 🙂 We’re doing NFP, but I’m like how you used to be and I don’t care if I get pregnant right now. We’re planning to have at least one more baby and we’re not trying to control the timing. That said, just last month I still felt like a newbie at NFP, but I started charting on http://www.fertilityfriend.com. They have free online courses for charting, plus a free online charting tool. I’ve read Taking Charge of Your Fertility, but it was a few years ago, so it was nice to have a refresher. This month there was no question when I was ovulating. I’m quickly getting better at recognizing the signs, and it’s really personally fulfilling.

  8. I use the copper IUD. I like it. I have my hormones but I also have a really, really effective birth control with no room for human error.

  9. I use natural family planning and love it. Not only for not having to take hormones but I love knowing what my body is doing and why. I know why I’m feeling the way I do each day and it gives me a great sense of control and power. I’ve also been able to figure out my migraines better which are totally hormone related. That said , it’s not for everyone. It takes a lot of dedication and the ability to say no when the time is not right:)(or use condoms…but you run the risk of getting pregnant if it breaks).

    I’ve been using the NFP for about 3 1/2 years now and I’m not pregnant yet:)

  10. I love my Diva Cup!!

    I can’t use hormones (history of clots), got pregnant with the paraguard (miscarried, and had the iud removed), got pregnant with the diaphragm. That was using it with the gel, and leaving it in post-coital overnight.
    NFP did help in the past, but (and this is a HUGE but) I just happen to ovulate a week early. Which is how we got pregnant with my daughter.

    In all honesty, the only thing that has NOT caused us to get pregnant is “pull ‘n pray”. lol!
    I am still tracking my cycle though, and I really like my iphone app for that called P Tracker.

  11. For birth control, we have used the Billings method going on 10 years. 🙂 I took the pill for about a year and hated it. The Billings method is nice because it gives both partners a chance to participate fully in birth control and it puts women in touch with their bodies and cycles. You can read more about it here http://www.woomb.org/bom/index.html

    Good luck!
    M –

  12. I teach a method of NFP called Creighton Model. It’s awesome! You have to find a teacher to learn & we don’t let anyone just go off on their own-want to make sure the system is understood and working well for you! If you’re interested, email me! I LOVE it!

  13. Hi Sheridan (I’m in Hypnobabies training right now!!) 🙂

    I don’t have time to give you a detailed reply at the moment but wanted to pop in and let you know that I’ve been using the Lady Comp for the past 5 years for birth control and LOVE it! I’ve been meaning to write about it on my blog and will do so very soon! I highly recommend reading TCOYF as well. The lady comp is a computerized version that makes it really quick and simple every morning (however it’s a bit of an investment!) which I was happy to make. Don’t regret it one bit.

    You’ll figure out what will work best for you!


    P.S. I recently switched to the diva cup and LOVE it! Here is my review: http://prenatalcoach.com/diva-cup-lunapanties-lunapads-review

  14. I have used FAM and/or condoms for about 3 years now, and haven’t gotten pregnant yet! 🙂 I just read the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility to find out what to do. I also switched to using the diva cup for my periods this past summer. I’ve liked it a lot so far–I’ve always disliked tampons, and pads were starting to bother me, so the diva cup has been great.

  15. I’m getting my IUD taken out next week. This is the second time I’ve had it, and I don’t like it this time around, so I’m going to start doing NFP. I don’t wanna get the shot, I don’t want to have to put in anything (or make my husband wear a condom) and I honestly can’t be trusted to take the pill. So NFP we go! I bought “Taking Charge of Your Fertility”, which I saw recommended. But my husband and I are of the feeling that if we get pregnant, we get pregnant. I don’t know what we’ll do if NFP ends up a wreck…I’ll have to get on birth control of some kind. I AM going to buy a diva cup after I get my IUD out though. So excited for that. 🙂

  16. Well . . . we were using condoms but got pregnant. Mirena made me crazy, and I never stopped spotting the year I was on it. I have a history of migraines so can’t use BCPs (not that I’d really want to at this point). Spermicides make me itch. Hmm . . . so vasectomy for DH perhaps . . .

  17. I got my Mirena out last May because I was having A LOT of complications from it. Its removal hurt extremely bad for me too and I also tried using my hypnobabies techniques and even my Bradley color of the rainbow relaxation that helped with my first labor, both with no luck. You are correct, these things help for natural things, and getting something dug out of you is not natural :o(

    My worry was what would I do since I have already tried everything else and we really are done with having babies and I was not looking forward to having periods again. Our BC solution was getting my tubes tied a day after my hubby got a vasectomy…did I mention we were done with having babies LOL!

    But, I was still worried about how having periods again would be for me and I was dreading it, especially since I was expecting the worst because of how bad they sometimes were while on previous BC methods. However, I have been pleasantly surprised that off all the hormones my body has adjusted nicely and my cycles are not terrible at all (no cramps, no pains, headaches, PMS, or ovulation pain at all) and my actual period only lasts two days with neither being terrible flow. I honestly believe that all the artificial BC junk that I was putting into my body for so long is what gave me the migraines, pains, cramps, and just overall icky cycles . I feel great now and two days of minimal bleeding has not been a bummer at all.


    You were really serious about no more babies! 🙂

    I am curious to see what my periods end up being like.

  18. I’m glad you brought up these points. It’s so true! My heart goes out to all of you that are in this situation. For all of you who are TTC, here’s a story for you. My wife and I tried to have children for over 3 years. We were contemplating IVF and adoption, but just trying to save up the money for either was an obstacle. Finally, a family member told us about a product called BeeFertile. It’s a natural fertility product – no prescription required. It’s a 2 part kit and has Royal Jelly in it, which is supposed to be really good for increasing fertility. We were skeptical, but decided to try it. It was so much cheaper than having to take fertility testing, etc. So they tell you that it takes 3-6 months for it to work. I’m happy to report that only after 3 months of taking the kit, my wife was PPT!!! Check it out: http://www.beefertile.com

  19. It has worked great when I need it and I don’t have to be on hormones. But, I was still worried about how having periods again would be for me and I was dreading it, especially since I was expecting the worst because of how bad they sometimes were while on previous BC methods.

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