52 Goals – Lots of Book Club Stuff and Really focusing on health!

I am going to really try to focus on health goals for the next few weeks, as we have a fun trip planned, with lots of ACTIVE things, like hiking and kayaking.  So I need to get ready!

  • Be active participant in my 3 book clubs (4th on months only when it is feasible) –  Only 1 person came to the school book club, it was fun anyway.  But made me lose a little steam.  I also hosted Simplicity Parenting the next night.  .   It was a big hit.  We had good discussions. So definitely very active with book club things this past week.  I host my other book club the end of the month.  I guess it is REALLY Book Month


  • walk 4 times a week – 2 times – but have doubled the length of time and doing a harder route with hills!
  • Cook healthy homemade meals 3 times a week – 2 times.
  • Make a Weekly Meal Plan – Yes!
  • Eat as a Family 3 times a week.  – Now that I don’t include DH in this goal, we did it!  I don’t know if I should be happy or sad about this.  How many of you have partners that work so much you feel like you rarely see them?  I am so grateful he has a job, but I miss him too.
  • Start a strength training program – Been doing this every morning with T1.  He can out sit up, push up, pull up me.  But it is fun working together and improving!
  • Loose 15 pounds –Back on track with Weight Release Program –  Also starting to make Green Smoothies again. 🙂
  • Start eating Green Smoothies – YAY, I was doing this a year ago and had gotten out of the habit.  Excited to be doing this again.


  • Keep the Kitchen Table CLEAN! – I wouldn’t say our best week with this.  It did get completely cleared last night, because we had the missionaries over for dinner.  But It is messy again the next morning at 8.
  • Buy and install New blinds for Dining Area and Bedroom – Narrowed our choices down and will hopefully decide and order by next week


  • Support T1 as he earns his Eagle Scout – He went to a Court of Honor for his friends big brothers last night.  He is very inspired to earn his before turning 14.  He also had more merit badges then the boys last night.  He loves scouts. J
  • · Volunteer 50 hours a school year at boys school – They had a work day on Saturday and our family logged 10 hours!  (2 hours for each member)
  • Create and Hang Family Mission Statement by March – YES!!! Look for post later in the week.


  • Pray and read scriptures as a family every day.  – Again with giving up with DH participating we accomplished this goal this week.
  • Family Home Evening (family night/planning and game) Every Week. Yes – so far every week.
  • Be on time to church each week – Yes.
  • Study Scriptures Daily –5 days.
  • Pray Daily – yes
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