Here are some things you can try as you heal from your birth.

  1. Accept your feelings – It is OK to feel sad or disappointed after a traumatic birth.  It is OK to grieve losing the birth you desired.  You are not crazy.
  2. Talk – find a friend, family member or therapist (trained in birth issues) who will listen unconditionally.  If you are able to process your experiences you will move through the stages of grief more quickly.
  3. Pray – pray for help in healing physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Ask other people to pray for you.
  4. Hypnosis is a great tool for letting go of trauma.  Here is a great resource.  Janet Field has created hypnosis scripts to help moms heal from traumatic births.
  5. Energy Healing such as EFT or other modalities can help immensely to let go of the pain and trauma.
  6. Online resources can help you find other moms dealing with similar situations and you can find a group that can really empathize with your experience.   ICAN for cesarean moms or Solace for Mothers for any type of traumatic birth.
  7. Don’t put a time limit on your healing. Allow yourself to grieve and know that if you continue to move forward and work through your experience healing will come.

Healing From a Traumatic Birth Series

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  2. My second daughter’s birth was an unnecessary c section. I try to talk to my husband and mother in law about it, but they just tell me to let it go. I can’t fully let me feelings out. And I actually think it’s preventing us from having another child. I want another child. But mentally I’m still scared. Not sure where to go for help. I bought the hypnobabies series for our next birth and I want to give birth at home. I know it will be the best experience. But I still can’t shake my last birth. Any help would be appreciated.

    EnjoyBirth Reply:

    Hugs to you! I have a class you can watch where you can find some tools that may help!

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