I have been in a very introspective state for the last week.  I am reading A Million Miles in a Thousand Years.  I don’t love his writing style, but enjoy the message of the book.

I loved Inspired Birth Pros post on The Power of Words in Visual Form.  That inspired me.

I found that there are a lot of qualities I want to have.  I narrowed it down to 20.  Here is my wordle of who I want to be!

The thing that jumped out to me, is what I most wanted to be was “zen” Content, peaceful, still.

I have started doing Yoga and that has really helped with me being this way.  I have also slowed down on posting on my blog.  I was posting almost every day, now I am about 3 times a week.

Taking a Two Week Break

Micky’s book Keep the Fires Burning, has also inspired me and I realized I need a little break.

I am going to slow down even more for the next 2 weeks as it is the last week of summer and then the boys head back to school.  I know this is a busy time of year and don’t want to feel frantic about getting posts up.  So I don’t know if you will see any posts for a few weeks, but I promise to be back the week of the 12th!

How about you?

Who do you want to be?

And what kind of changes do you need to make to become that person?

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  1. I will copy and paste your words as my own because I want to be you(;

    EnjoyBirth Reply:

    You are a nut! You are YOU and you are AWESOME!

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