• Share Induction Video Far and Wide – I can schedule tweets about this, and schedule at least 1 blog post a month referring to it.  I did this!
  • Certified in Emotion Code –  I want to finish this in the summer! – I did a lot of practicing but wasn’t marking things down…. so I haven’t done this. 
  • Create something to sell for Enjoy Birth that would benefit pregnant moms. – I did this!  It is being edited by a friend and I will try to get it up for sale by October.   
  • Teach 22 couples in my Hypnobabies – I am well on my way.  I had a great session in the summer and I start another session next week.  I even added a Friday class in November. 
  • Help with The Gift of Giving Life in whatever way I am needed.  – We did a fun Birth Story night, where we got together and read the birth stories and decided where they fit in the book. 

I feel good about what I did this summer…not only about birth.  I also started


My 2 good friends were seeing this therapist who combined talk therapy and massage.  I am always up for a good massage and they wanted to see if I had any issues buried deep (they think I am SO balanced), so I decided to try it out.  Well, I LOVE it.  It is so powerful, because you hold emotions and experiences in your body and it is so much easier to release them with talking and massage.

Of course my first visit ended up being mostly about my birth trauma with T1.  I honestly thought I was over that.  But apparently not.  I will have to blog all about it in a different post.

The biggest think I am getting from it is how to actually BE balanced. I used to always need to be busy and I used that need to disconnect from my kids.  I am learning how to slow down and CONNECT.  I love it.  So there may be less blogging, but more hugging at my house.

Another thing that is helping me find this balance is


After a few weeks of therapy I finally started yoga. I have been wanting to do this for years.  At my first class I was hooked.  I did yoga every day for about 6 weeks, then our trip to Utah broke that streak and school starting is going to make going to the studio a challenge… but with a DVD and carpooling, I am able to do it most days.

It really helps me be in touch with myself and forces me to stop and be still.  My brain has trouble stopping, but I am getting better.

I am loving this freeing of my true self.  It isn’t really easy, but it feels more real and grounded.


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  1. I think I need more hugging at my house too! So ready for this book to be done so I can be more present with my kids again! That massage/talk therapy sounds amazing!

  2. Congrats on your progress. I just recently came up with a 10 year plan for mine! So what is the emotion code thing you are referring to?

    EnjoyBirth Reply:

    The Emotion Code is an energy healing tool to help people let go of trapped emotions in their body. It is really cool and easy to do. 🙂
    The book explains it really well.

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