Back in the spring my two dear friends Valerie and Angela (I also happened to have been both of their doulas too) kept telling me about this amazing therapist they had found.  She did deep tissue massage to you while doing talk therapy.

They wanted me to go to her to “see if I had any issues”.  They both thought I was so balanced they were curious what would come up.

I on the other hand, love massages.  I didn’t really think I needed therapy, but the massage sounded great.  I also wondered if I still had some birth issues lingering from T1’s birth.  (though I was pretty sure I had let that all go.)

So I started seeing Pam in the summer.

I totally already believed that sometimes our strong emotions can get trapped in our bodies.  But to experience the deep massage and talking was amazing.

It turned out I did have issues.  🙂  We all do.  Right?

I have come along way from then.  My blog has seen some changes.  I am not posting nearly as much as before summer.  I was posting almost daily before I started with Pam.  Then 3x a week and then a whole month with nothing!  There have been some other changes too, that I want to share over the next few weeks.

But first I am going to share how my birth trauma was still very alive and well in my body!   For those who think birth doesn’t effect how women mother are SO wrong!

(If you are in the OC and want Pam’s info – contact me!)


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  1. That is SO COOL! I would love to go to her or someone like her. Very cool!

  2. Pam is the greatest! I’m so glad you gave her a go.

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