I love to help parents learn more so that they can enjoy their births.  I do this by teaching Hypnobabies classes to expecting couples and I am a birth doula for my students who want support during their births.  I also do this by blogging here at Enjoy Birth!

I am excited to join in The Nesting Place’s 31 days link up as I share 31 ways you can have a better birth!  Join my RSS feed so you see each day!

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31 Days to Enjoy Your Birth links

  1. Is it possible to enjoy birth?
  2. Trust your body and baby, they know what to do.
  3. Take in positive messages about birth
  4. Read and Watch Positive Birth Stories
  5. Affirmations help you stay positive
  6. Get a Bubble of Peace
  7. Learn about Normal Birth
  8. Choosing the Best Childbirth Class for You.
  9. Really, take a class, it helps Dad too!
  10. Learn to follow your intuition.
  11. Kick Counting Can Save Your Baby’s Life
  12. Let go of fears
  13. Gather Tools
  14. The Power of Your Mind – Education
  15. The Power of Your Mind – Flexibility
  16. The Power of Your Mind – Visualization
  17. Use Different Positions
  18. Embrace the Power of Your Body
  19. The Power of Love – Personal Support
  20. Professional Love – Doula
  21. Social Love – Friends
  22. You CAN Choose, so choose Wisely
  23. Choose Your Care Provider Carefully
  24. Midwife or OB?
  25. Questions to ask your care provider ASAP!
  26. Choose your care provider Carefully
  27. Location, location, location
  28. If you choose a hospital birth, choose the best hospital!
  29. Let your birth start on it’s own
  30. Induction Information


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  1. I’ll enjoy reading this series even though it’s just a little too late for me 🙂 My third (and probably final) baby was just born on September 29th.

    EnjoyBirth Reply:

    Congratulations. 🙂

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