I know I have shared Devon’s birth experience numerous times.  I noticed he wasn’t moving one morning after doing kick counts after breakfast.  I called the Dr. and went in for a Non-stress test.  He was under distress and was born via emergency cesarean minutes later.  My being aware of his movements saved his life.

I want Mom’s to know how important this is.

I have a confession, I had a friend who years ago (years before I was a childbirth educator or doula) mentioned her baby wasn’t moving as much as normal.  I am not sure why I didn’t say, “Call you OB and get it checked out right away.”  I am not sure what I said, but a few days later she mentioned it again.  That time I did tell her to call her OB.  She did and when she went in she discovered her baby had passed.  I still regret not having said something the first time.

Now if anyone mentions anything about decrease in movements I say “Call right now and GO IN to get things checked out!” Not out of fear, but out of love.

If there is nothing wrong, than mom is reassured.  If there is something wrong, hopefully the baby can be helped.


Here is an interesting article looking at the science of kick counts. 

There are apps you can download to do tracking.

Here is a choice.

Count the Kicks  

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