Nestle Sucks – what can YOU do about it?

I had heard of the Nestle boycott a few years ago.  I learned more about it at the CAPPA Lactation Education Training this weekend.  It made me want to learn more and join in the boycott.  So you… Read More

Lovely Breastfeeding Analogy

In honor of my Lactation Education training weekend, here is a lovely breastfeeding story. The Princess and the Chick Pea Here is the deal, some nurses are AWESOME, they know tons about breastfeeding, have great tips and can… Read More

Breastfeeding Book Give Away

Go check it out here.   I love Kathy’s blog, because it has such great childbirth information.  She is giving away a new Breastfeeding Book called   Breastfeeding with Comfort and Joy.   It really fits right in with my whole Enjoy… Read More

Immunity for Babies without shots

A BYU/Harvard/Stanford team of microbiologists have identified the molecule that is the key to immunity getting to the baby through breastmilk.  This article explains in detail how even years before a women is pregnant cells that produce antibodies are… Read More

Angelina Breastfeeding

I must admit, I normally pay little attention to the stars, except for their births and breastfeeding.  I know Angelina was hoping for a VBAC with her twins.  She didn’t get that, I was sad for her.  BUT,… Read More

I wish I was still nursing!

A Breastfeeding Olympics would be just my style! 2008 Breastfeeding Challenge Or, as it is known in the Philippines; The Breastfeeding Olympics What: A fun event to challenge geographic areas to see who can get the most babies… Read More

The formula tragedy in China

This tragedy breaks my heart.  Three babies have now died from tainted formula and over 6000 have been made sick from it.  This mother of a 2 month old said, “Doctors said I better not feed her powdered milk,”… Read More

Dr. Jack Newman's Breastfeeding Clinic running out of funds!

This is a Canadian Clinic, but benefits women everywhere from the research they do and the videos they make and so much else.  If you can help out, or want to learn more, visit their website! Pin It

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