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Turn Your Breech Baby

Use Hypnosis to help turn your Breech Baby!

Hypnobabies has a CD for that! Turn Your Breech Baby CD

Study Results

Hypnotherapy may help pregnant women turn their breech baby around to the normal head-first, or vertex, position. A researcher at the University of Vermont, Burlington, used hypnosis with one hundred pregnant women whose fetuses were in the breech (feet-first) position between the thirty-seventh and fortieth week of gestation.

The intervention group received hypnosis with suggestions for general relaxation and release of fear and anxiety. While under hypnosis, the women were also asked why their baby was in the breech position.

The study, which appeared in the Archives of Family Medicine, reported that 81 percent of the fetuses in the hypnosis group moved to the vertex position, compared with 48 percent of the control group. Not surprisingly, hypnosis was most effective for the women motivated to use the technique."

Natural Health magazine, November-December 1995

Hypnobabies has a CD for that!

Turn Your Breech Baby CD

Hypnosis is excellent for turning a breech, since the baby is registered by the inner mind as part of the mother!

In this deep hypnosis Turn Your Breech Baby audio track, you are allowed to relax the muscles and any constriction all around your baby and use effective hypnotic suggestions for turning baby to the vertex, (head down) position, if that is the safest way for baby to be positioned. Baby will let you know!

Excellent for midwives to keep for their home birth and birth center mothers, as well as *anyone* whose baby has turned to Breech presentation in late pregnancy or labor.

For the best benefits, you can choose to listen to your Turn Your Breech Baby audio track every day until your baby turns head down. The subconscious mind is very powerful and will create more room for baby to turn while listening to your Breech Turning track, and make muscles much more relaxed as well as direct your baby to turn head down and facing your back.

You may want to look into other natural breech turning techniques as well, to augment your Hypnobabies MP3 track. (Slant board, music, the Webster Technique, acupuncture, etc.)


One of our Hypno-Moms writes: "Just thought I'd share a happy story with you - my sweet babe has been lying transverse in my belly for months, and the other day I started thinking I needed to get her turned.

I'm only 27 weeks pregnant but I have a uterine septum which can increase the changes of a malpositioned baby and make it difficult to turn them later in pregnancy when space gets tight.

Plus I was feeling a bit uncomfortable having her wrapped around my sides so much. My belly actually looked funny because it was so wide.

I decided to listen to the Turn Your Breech Baby CD. I laid down while my older son was napping, listened to it, and once it was over felt moved to do one short (5 second or so) downward dog stretch and then a few pelvic tilts.

Then I got up, looked at my belly, and it was a COMPLETELY different shape - much more round and less wide. I also had more pressure lower in my pelvis and could feel immediately that she had moved.

She's now kicking in the center of my body rather than around at my sides. I had a prenatal visit on Saturday and my midwife confirmed that baby is now head-down, with her bottom against my bellybutton, head facing my back.

Amazing results after only listening to the Breech track once! :) Hurray and thank you SO much to Kerry and the Hypnobabies team for creating this program. I am SO thankful!

~ Kristin in Oregon"

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More ideas

I really like this resource for additional ideas to use for encouraging baby to turn.