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Hypnobabies Births Stories
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Irelyn's Birth Story and Video!

I have been meaning to post about my home birth but haven't finished my version yet. Sheridan's version of my birth is very accurate and I appreciate the time she took to educate me, comfort me, and just be with me through out this experience. I wouldn't ever birth without her.

Here's Jake and I chillin' in the tub during some pressure waves. I was very comfortable and happy to be having a baby. I was probably 7cm dilated. Most of my birth was that way...relaxed, happy and CALM! It really did feel "too easy".

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Logan's Birth

 (Jenn relaxing during a pressure wave with Andrew doing the Relax cue)

I had a scheduled c-section with my first child so I was so happy to have had the birthing experience I did with Logan.
When I first heard about Hypnobabies I was totally skeptical about it working.  After I saw my friend’s birth video using Hypnobabies I thought it might be possible for others, but me?  After I finished with my Hypnobabies classes I knew it helped me relax but I still wasn’t sure I could do it for my birth.  I was so pleasantly surprised that it did work and it worked beautifully

I also KNOW I couldn’t have done it without Andrew and Sheridan.  Andrew’s presence was so important to me and Sheridan was irreplaceable.  I only felt like I could possibly do this because I knew I wasn’t alone.  I am forever indebted to her for being there for me and Logan.  It was an experience I will never forget and always cherish.

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Daniella's Home Birth

Daniella was born on Feb 11, 2008 at home at 11:39pm. The birth was just the most perfect and beautiful and most powerful event I have ever experienced in my life.

I started feeling contractions at 3pm. I thought they were just bathroom cramps. About 1/2 hour later Gabe came home and I let him know "hey I'm having some cramps, I'm thinking it's just bathroom problems but you never know...it could be Dani but I doubt it" and he just got this HUGE smile on his face! I told him "don't look at me like that it's not her...".

That morning I had also gotten adjusted at my chiropractors office, Dr. Jen, and ironically her husband tells me, "you finally look pregnant". Since Jen and are friends outside of her practice, I decided to call her and ask about Brackston Hicks and the main thing I remember was that she said, Hicks will go away if you move around and change position...labor contractions won't". Then I started thinking, Oh my gosh it could be her and I got this wonderful peaceful feeling that came over me and I just felt ready.

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Maya's Birth 

Deanna called around 10:45 and asked what I was doing this morning.  She is so cute.  I got to Saddleback around 11:50.  Deanna was resting calmly on the bed, with her parents, Tom and their son Max all hanging out.  Whenever she had a pressure wave, everyone got quiet and let her relax through it.  The relaxation music was on in the background.  She was very chatty and happy between pressure waves, calm and relaxed during them.  They seemed to be coming every 5 minutes or so.  She wanted to have the baby between 3-5 because that is when her OB was available. 

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Luke's Birth
(Kate and Paul)
written by me after talking with parents, then they added things to what I wrote and gave me permission to share. 

At about 8pm on Monday night, Kate had liquidy/bloody discharge. She called the doctor but did not receive a call back. While waiting for the return call, she and Paul listened to the Fear Release CD together. Around 1am, Kate decided to call the doctor’s service again. This time the doctor called back within 15 minutes and told her to go to Labor and Delivery to have the fluid checked. (Kate was Group B Strep positive and the doctor wanted her to start antibiotics as soon as she began losing any amniotic fluid.) She was sent home from the hospital around 4am due to “no progress” and the fluid was negative for being amniotic.

The following morning, Paul decided to go to work, but returned home around noon with a feeling that he should be home with Kate. Coincidentally, pressure waves stared around noon. Prior to that, Kate had been having menstrual-like cramping and was still having discharge. When Paul arrived home, he set Kate up with what they thought was the Your Birth Day CD, only to discover that it was the wrong CD! He left to go exchange CDs with their instructor and Kate listened to Your Special Place and Fear Release. When Paul returned, Kate baked pumpkin bread and brownies for the nursing staff. Paul began reading the short scripts during pressure waves and Kate did a lot of rocking and hip swaying, while laying her head on the cool countertop in the kitchen.

Around 4pm, the pressure waves began to get a little stronger and more regular, so Paul began to time them. They weren’t at 411 yet, so Kate listened to the Your Birth Day CD and continued to rock/walk around the house.

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