52 goals – May is for Meals :)

So since cinco de mayo I have been doing ok with meals.

My goal this week is to follow this meal plan and DH has committed to being home by 6pm 3 nights this week so we can eat together!

  • Monday – Meatloaf (making 3, cooking one and freezing 2 for future)
  • Tuesday -Calzones
  • Wednesday – Tuna Casserole
  • Thursday – Tikka Masala
  • Friday – Pasta Shells
  • Saturday – Dinner with friends (BBQ? or eating out)
  • Sunday – Chicken Kiev

I went grocery shopping and bought all the food I need.

T1 is going to help me make the meatloaf when he gets home from school.

I am excited to see how this works.  I really, really want to get a handle on meals.

If I was to give myself a grade on feeding my family before today I would say


Seriously for the last 5 years whenever I write goals my #1 goal is to Feed my family better.  But I just never DO it.  So this is the first month of the rest of my mothering and I am shooting for a


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