7 YEAR Pregnancy

I had spent years gathering over 200 birth stories, all organized into different categories.  I had also gathered and organized different experiences different moms had during their pregnancy as well.

Years of hard work, gone in an instant!

Then the website crashed, the program I had used to create it no longer existed and I felt like all that wonderful information was lost.

I gathered All the Important Information together for you!

I wanted those stories and information and support to be easily and immediately accessible to all moms.  So, I gathered and organized the best of the best into an e-book called Enjoying Pregnancy and Birth with Hypnosis

I organized the information in a way that pregnant moms could jump to the information that they were interested in.  You can read the whole book, or just the parts that interest you.

It is useful for moms curious about hypnosis as well as moms who are already using it.

7 Years Gestating!

To be honest, I was so stuck, that I actually started writing this book in 2012 and had it go through it’s first edit, but didn’t finish it and publish it until 2019.    I think because of all the work I had done to create the website and it disappeared, that I felt so stuck!

But finally, I was inspired to push this baby out!  I went back, re-read it and organized it, had it edited again and birthed it into the world of Amazon!

I hope it helps you the way my website used to help other moms!

Download it Now!

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