Alison's review of The Top Three Tips to Enjoy Your Birth

I have to explain how I know Alison.

I read Alison’s HypnoBirthing birth story online somewhere and saw she is an author. She actually lived in my town and was happy to come to book clubs to talk.

As I belong to 3 book clubs (crazy I know) I decided to read her books and invite her to come to one of my book clubs. She did and it was so much fun, that we invited her to join our book club and she DID! I am so glad because we became great friends and our little ones also became friends.

Then she got pregnant, took my Hypnobabies class and I got to be her doula! Which was so amazing, my first homebirth!

Then she moved far away. I miss her and so does my littlest one. Thank goodness for the internet, so I can still see what she is up to.

I will say that I asked many of my friends to help me edit my book.  Alison did an AWESOME job helping me out.  Thanks so much!

Then she said this about my book, which was really sweet.

Alison – mom of 2

I think this is a really fantastic book you’ve written, truly.

For people who are overwhelmed thinking about how to have a good birth, this will be incredibly helpful.


author of “Violette Between” and “The Weight of Shadows” (April 2010)

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The Top Three Tips to Enjoy Your Birth.

Cover of the Top Three Tips to Enjoy Birth

I will be posting some of the reviews I have gotten over the next few weeks. If you read it and want to send me your review, I would love to share what YOU think!

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