Been a bit MIA – I was at another birth!

Yay, I love being a doula.

It was great for me to take a few months off (June – October) but I have made up for it by attending 3 births in the last few weeks. I thought maybe she would have the baby Friday, keeping up with the pattern that was started with the first 2 births.  But Sunday was the day.  It was a long birth, I was gone about 36 hours.

It was at  my favorite hospital and had this mom been anywhere else I am fairly certain she would have ended up with a cesarean.  Her OB was surprisingly out of town, but the back up OB was incredible.  She had an amazing nurses too.  Everyone was really respectful of her birth plan and very patient.  There were about 2 hours we were wondering if she would need a cesarean, but she ended up having a vaginal birth.

I cried tears of joy when she pushed her beautiful baby out!

I will see if I can post her whole story when I visit for our postpartum appointment.

BTW  I got permission to post the VBA2C story.  Look for that tomorrow.

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