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How Can I Take a Hypnobabies Class?

Taking a Live Class

Go to Hypnobabies to find an instructor near you.  I am not currently teaching classes.

Babies at a Hypnobabies Reunion

Help, I don’t have an Instructor in My Area!

If you don’t have a Hypnobabies Instructor in your area, then using the
Hypnobabies Home Study Course

is a great option.

It is very complete.

Also everyone who buys the Hypnobabies Home Study has access to e-mail and the ability to call a Hypnobabies Instructor (ME!) with any questions you may have.  So it is a great way to go if you don’t have a Hypnobabies Instructor in your area.

Is Hypnobabies really worth it?

I hear over and over again that YES, it is worth every penny!

You will get the most complete childbirth hypnosis program out there! You will develop amazing tools you can use
during your pregnancy and birth as well as throughout your life!

Or read any of the hundreds of birth stories I have collected from Hypnobabies Moms to see how much it has helped them!

What if I want a Doula?

I am not currently taking doula clients.  I loved having a doula with T3’s birth and highly suggest having one if you can.

I do currently offer Phone Doula Services and some Online Classes as well.

Here is a link for finding a doula in your area!

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