Daddy Plays The Beatles Lullabies

T3 is 9 years old now.  You might think he is too old for Lullabies.

He has listened to music or a hypnosis CD almost every night as he falls asleep.  It helps him make a really smooth transition into sleep and he usually sleeps really well.  So he is quite the critic of Lullaby CDs.

He has his favorites.   All of them are by Daddy Plays.  (We have them all.)  They are a perfect blend of songs you know in a soothing instrumental version.

So I was thrilled when “Daddy Plays” contacted me to let me know he had a new Lullaby CD coming out.  This one is The Beatles.  Which was awesome, because our family loves The Beatles music.

T3 was super excited when it came in the mail.

“I can’t wait to go to bed so I can listen!”

So that night I tucked him in and put on the CD and stayed to listen for awhile.  We both loved it.  T3 has been listening to it every night since he has gotten it.  He wanted to add his thoughts.

It’s a good lullaby CD.  I like it.  You should get it for your little kids.

If you want the perfect gift for your child or a friend with a child, this may be it!  There is nothing better than good music, except good music that helps your child sleep better!  🙂

(I did get a CD for free to do a review.  The link above also goes to my Amazon Store.)

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