Earthquake During Hypnobabies Class

last thing we do in almost each Hypnobabies class is a hypnosis script.  All my parents were relaxing on the floor or on chairs and I was finishing up the script when I started to feel it.

A small rumbling.

japan earthquake

I wasn’t sure if it was a big truck passing by (though it was after 9 at night so that would be odd).  The rumbling contintued for a bit and then faded off.

I kept reading and after I finished the script and everyone was up and moving around, I asked if anyone else noticed it.  Almost all of them had!

I got out my Quake App and sure enough there had been a little earthquake!  We all took it in stride.

Such are the extra bonuses of teaching Hypnobabies in Southern California.

I have the best “job” ever!  🙂

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