Enjoying the Simplification

I was “done” (except for the mess of stuff to give away and put away in the hall way) His room looked much better and I felt happy and proud with all the work I had done.

Toy Shelf

Toy Area and Stuffed Animals in Bean Bag (Stuffed Animals will be moved to our bonus room ASAP)

I am planning on adding some fabric to hide the plastic bins. At our book club they suggested only storing things in baskets. Well, I love our storage unit and as far as I know there are not baskets that fit in it. I bought material yesterday, so I can hopefully cover it a bit before next week. (I was so excited it only took me 2 days)

Covered with Fabric - AHH so peaceful. 🙂

Car Table and Bookshelf

Car/Lego Table and Bookshelf with special things he loves on top.

T3 is loving that he can play on his car table. Now I just need to figure out what to do with the GINORMOUS Millennium Falcon and Air Craft Carrier that used to live there. Right now they are in my closet. I guess if he doesn’t ask for them in the next month they will be given away.

What would T3 think of the finished project?

Would he notice more toys were gone? Would he be happy or sad? When would he ask for Buzz Lightyear? (this is not one of his lovey toys – obviously one would never take those away – but he does enjoy buzz lightyear on occasion) Would he miss his abundance of books?

Desk is accessible!

He loves it!!!

He was thrilled he could sit at his desk. He was amazed to find the puzzle cabinet that has been sitting amidst his toys for years. This morning I found him sitting at his desks doing puzzles. Then later I found him there with a hat and sunglasses on coloring on a big pad of paper I had gotten for him.

He was so excited to show his new room to Rob last night when he got home. He said, “It is SO nice and different. My table is empty so I can play on it. There are puzzles!”

So I would say it is a success and well worth all the work. He did ask for Buzz Lightyear this morning as I was running around getting everyone ready for school. I told him I would get it out after. He was upset. “I need something with wings!” I suggest he find an animal with wings and he did and was happy. (He remembered after school and I easily got his 4 Buzz’s out for him. Hmm, maybe I should have only gotten 1 out?)

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