Help, I keep falling asleep during hypnosis practice! Will it still work? – Episode 41

I PROMISE this is OK!

Here is some information and stories to reassure you it is OK.

Tips for Hypnobabies and HypnoBirthing Practice

I personally slept through 95% of my scripts and had a GREAT birth. I would use my CDs to help me fall asleep at night. That was so wonderful to me. When I listened during the day I learned to set an alarm to wake me up after I slept through picking my older boys up from school. That was embarrassing. You can see my . Birth Video Here

– Sheridan

I just was talking to my friend Jenn (my first Hypnobabies student and the only reason why she took it was strictly because she is my best friend, she knew I needed a student to practice on… she had no desire to go natural at first)

She was talking about how hard it is for her to listen to books on tape, follow auditory instructions, etc. So I said, “How did you do it with the Hypnobabies CDs?” She laughed and said, “I really thought it wasn’t going to work because I slept through every single one. It helped me sleep good and so I kept “listening” But I really thought when the birth started I would have no idea what to do”

We had a good laugh at that. I asked, “But you practiced your finger drops?” Jenn said, “Yes, right before I listened to a CD and fell asleep.”

She had an awesome Hypnobabies Birth. You can read her whole story by clicking here. She is a VBAC mom too.

I will say she was a CHAMP at listening to her affirmations and would quote them to people who would say things to her. “I am going to have an easy, fast birth” etc…

She said I could share with everyone here… for those who worry about sleeping through cds.

Another great birth story by a mom who said this in her birth story… I found it interesting that although I’ve slept through every Hypnobabies session I’ve done, I would subconsciously bring the words back to my mind, and even hear Kerry’s voice in it, especially the ‘I am safe, my baby is safe, no matter how much power flows through me.’ I’m still not sure where that even is in the program, but my brain kept chanting it throughout the next 2 hours!

You can read her whole story here.

Here is more about Falling asleep while listening to Hypnobabies, HypnoBirthing or Hypnobirth CDs, MP3s, Scripts.

Q)I keep falling asleep when I listen to my CDs! What should I do? Will I still be getting the full benefit of the program?

A)Falling asleep when listening to hypnosis recordings is not a problem since your inner mind hears everything even if you are asleep, and without any conscious criticism or analyzing, which is much better for you. You are probably actually experiencing a state of hypnotic amnesia, which is a very deep state of hypnosis. Both are fine and Hypnobabies is not at all dependent on you hearing the messages on a conscious level every single time. All you need to do is continue listening every day, and the suggestions will stay firmly implanted in your *inner mind*, which is where we want them to be. Deep and lasting change in perception regarding childbirth, and your hypno-anesthesia *come from within*.

You do help from the outside of course, by keeping your mind full of positive thoughts and beliefs about how wonderful your birthing will be, by staying away from negative birth stories, advice or TV shows that only create doubt and fear in your heart. Playing your Pregnancy Affirmations CD every night as you go to sleep, when you awake in the morning, or anytime during the day will also help you stay in a positive frame of mind about your baby’s birth, since it has many suggestions about how easy, relaxed and comfortable you will be during your birthing and how your hypnosis will work perfectly for you. (LISTEN to it!)

If you want to hear what is on your Hypnobabies CDs on a more conscious level, (and I suggest that you do this on occasion so you’ll know what your Hypnobabies cues and techniques/suggestions are,) fast forward each CD to after the relaxation part where only the suggestions are, (generally where it says, “and now I am going to begin by providing suggestions that will be accepted on every level of your body, mind and spirit”) and listen to them.

You will actually enter a state of hypnosis just from hearing my voice and the music as well as the suggestions, but it will be a lighter state of hypnosis. If you don’t have the ability to fast forward your CDs, just put the CD on in the background when you are doing something quiet like washing the dishes or playing with another child, and listen to it so you’ll know what is on it. **You cannot do this in a moving vehicle since you are trained to enter hypnosis during specific cues in these CDs, and even though it will be a much lighter state of hypnosis, you still cannot drive while listening; it is not safe.

I don’t suggest that you listen this way *every time*, since we want you in a deep state of hypnosis most of the time, but it will give you the opportunity to hear the suggestions on a conscious level once in a while to boost your confidence and reinforce what exactly your hypno-tools and hypnotic suggestions are.

Sitting up in more of an upright position can help too when you are listening to the entire track. (not in a straight backed chair) Lying in bed or the couch when you listen to your CDs can train your body/mind that it is time for bed/nap and falling asleep is much more common. A soft cushy chair or couch to *sit up in* is best, and using a Birth Ball is also helpful, as is switching around the places in which you listen to the CDs; a different place every time if you can.

Below are two quotes about “falling asleep during CDs” from Hypno-moms who have recently given birth:

Christina said:

“For all you hypnomoms about to give birth… please know that you will have a great birth experience. Heck, I was like the biggest slacker with my CD’s and really I think there was only 2 times I didn’t fall asleep. I had a 2 year old and a lot of “projects” that I found I couldn’t keep myself away from when I should have been doing Hypnobabies. If I can have an easy labor/delivery so can you! And, I had NO transition, I had NO ring of fire. I have to say the pushing was fast and intense and did take over my body, but it was not painful… just intense and of course it brings relief and of course when it’s happening you are also excited cause you know IT’s TIME!”

Amen Christina! I felt the exact same way and went thru my birthing time the exact same way also. I always fell asleep to my cd’s too! I didn’t have transition, nor ring of fire either. I thought for sure it was going to be the worst experience and be totally painful, etc. But it wasn’t. I went into the hospital at 6 cm and an hour later was at 9. I just noticed things getting more intense and waves coming sooner together. Although pushing was slow for me, 2.5 hours, it only seemed like maybe 1/2 hour. I also never thought it was painful, just intense. The nurses trying to get the iv in 4 times was much worse than my whole 19 hours of labor and 2.5 hours of pushing! I also am a promoter of Hypnobabies and hope to get more new moms to try it. I for sure will use it for my next baby! -Lorree

Your mind is so powerful, even when you are sleeping! Trust it.

woman sleeping while listening to HypnoBirthing

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