Five Things for Friday – 2


T1 was sick and home alone without me to help because I was out of town with T2 on one of his competitions.  Dad’s just don’t take care of kids the way moms do. (at least in our house)

I asked how he did when I got home.  He said, “I only ate 1 bowl of ice cream.  But I drank ALL the Ensures.”  There had to have been 12 in the fridge.

He got hooked on Ensure when he broke his jaw and I keep some on hand, because it makes an easy snack for a boy on the go.  But to have 12 in 2 days…

“I was hungry.”

I guess no one else fed him, so he drank Ensure.

Well, he survived.


 Teaching on the Fly

I am the 1st counselor in Relief Society (our Women’s organization in church) I am over the teachers for Sunday lessons.  Well the other Sunday the assigned teacher didn’t show up.

I got to teach on the Fly.  Luckily because I am used to teaching Hypnobabies, it really isn’t a big deal for me to teach.  Though I usually have a lesson prepared.  I did have the assigned topic and manual – The Holy Ghost.  I pretty much touched on each section of the lesson and had people share their experiences.

I think it turned out as well as it could have!


Trading Services

I have a friend who can sew.  I love having her and that she shares her skills.  If I need something hemmed, I ask Jenny.  She also made T2’s costume for his competition.  It was easy – a tunic.  But not something I could do.

We finally figured out a skill I can share.  It is actually my boys skills.  Her daughter needed help editing a film for English class.  We have a Mac and my boys know how to do that.  So they helped her daughter with her project.

Voila – sewing for movie making.  Sounds good to me.  🙂


Meals for this week

I think I should use this to monitor my meal planning/cooking progress.  This week I did do a meal plan.  I cooked most of my meals.  We had an unexpected dinner out on a night I actually had something already cooking in the crock pot.  But our friends are moving and they had a sudden goodbye dinner, so we couldn’t miss that!


Peru Planning

We are going to Machhu Picchu in April.  I wanted to do a tour for the whole thing.  But we are going with my sister and brother in law and they were not too excited about that.  So we are trying to piecemeal our trip together.  It is slowly coming together.  Not as fast as I want it to, but we have the Machu Pichu part planned and paid for.  Working on the Lake Titicaca part now.

I am trying to have faith it will all work out!  We have our plane tickets so it is definitely happening.

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