Galileo Camp Update – It is GREAT!

T3 is enjoying his week at Galileo Camp.  He keeps asking me to sign him up for another one.  He is especially interested in the Olympic week, obviously because the “real” Olympics are coming.

The week he signed up for is Toys and he has been having fun creating toys throughout this week.  He is really excited to show me the pinball machine he is making.

There is still time for you to sign up your kids for Galileo camp.  I love that it goes from 9-3 and you can add early drop off or late drop off.  We usually do half day camps, so at first I thought the price was a bit steep, but once I realized it was ALL day it made sense.  Also they still have a coupon for refer a friend and you can each save $100 if you both sign up.


Here is the pinball machine! Somehow when I edited the video the audio got messed up.


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