Great Links from Last Week

This is a great post on OP babies.  I love how this midwife takes a fairly neutral position on this position.  🙂  She explains how it works and some tips on how to deal with it.  I especially loved this:

  • Reinforce the woman’s trust in her body and baby to birth.
  • Discuss the possibility that her labour may be different (not better or worse) and might not fit general expectations about labour patterns/progress.

Hormones released in men during and after birth help them become better fathers!

Wonderful Pushing Link, this is also from the same Midwife’s blog with the OP post above.  I just found her blog and have enjoyed catching up on all her posts.

The F-Word and Natural Childbirth – no, not THAT f word.

Finally – Creating your Birth Circle was a nice post about choosing carefully those who join you during your birth time!  It fits nicely with my guest post on Three Types of Care Providers

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