Great opportunity for Orange County, CA moms

On January 26, 2008 South Coast Medical Center is hosting an Open House focusing on ‘the best kept secret in Orange County’.  The birth unit desires for professionals and residents of this area of Southern California to recognize how important individualized and personalized the care is for women having their baby.  One of the items that spurred this plan was an episode of the TV show, Private Practice.  In the show there is a midwifery student that is part of the practice (a receptionist) and is in a ‘plush’ clinic located in the Malibu area.  The focus of the show is supposedly on the holistic approach to care – however, one of the physicians (Ob/Gyn) continues to be rather demeaning to and skeptical of the midwifery student character.  In one segment she asks ‘Is that really a word, midwif…..’  She cannot even pronounce the word midwifery and implies that if you cannot say the word then it must be a ‘joke’.  So the staff wants the world to know that at South Coast, we can say midwifery and practice a unique style of hospital birth, comfortable with non-intervention, doulas, family, etc.
The midwives and staff have gained the interest of administration and want to have a great showing.  This is the beginning of a campaign to increase the knowledge of the philosophy and care at South Coast provided to women who plan a hospital birth and want a low intervention approach .  Please join us for a luncheon, informal presentation, discussion and tour of the facility on Saturday, January 26 beginning at 12 noon.  The location of the gathering will be in the Auditorium of the Medical Center.  The address is 31872 Pacific Coast Highway, Laguna Beach, CA.  Please spread the word, bring friends, patients, family, doulas, midwives, etc.

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