Heart and Hands Essential Midwife Book

I had the privleged of being asked to review Heart and Hands. I did get a free copy to read.

My Aunt got me a copy of Heart and Hands when I was a teenager and wanted to be a midwife.  I remember pouring over the pages and just being fascinated by what I learned.

I was excited to get a copy of the 5th edition of Heart and Hands to review.  I will say it was much different reading it now.  I am not a midwife, but have been a doula and childbirth educator for 5 years.  So I am immersed in the birthing world, more as an observer/support person than as a care provider.  So to read the amazing details and responsibilities a midwife has, it is awe inspiring.

Having the responsibility of knowing all the things that could possibly go wrong and how to help in that situation,  makes me glad I am not a midwife.  It makes me really appreciate and honor the women who are.

The book covers pretty much everything about preganancy and birth.  It is neat to see how it has been update since my version.  For instance they talk about Group B Strep in the newest edition and  I learned some really great information about Group B Strep  that I will pass along to my doula clients.

I love what she shares about VBAC moms and talks about how some VBAC moms may need hypnosis or other therapy to help overcome their fears from their cesarean birth.  (Depending on the reasons and if it was traumatic, etc)

This is a must have book for any midwife and I think all doulas and childbirth educators will benefit from reading this book as well.  I enjoyed re-reading it 25 years after the first time.  I will say that I prefer my cover of the book though.  Other than that, great book for a birth lover!


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