How can you avoid Unnecessary interventions?

Avoid interventions that are not medically necessary.

This is wonderful advice, but how can you do this?

Choose Your Care Provider Carefully!

How can you know if your Care Provider uses unnecessary interventions?  Ask Questions!

If you don’t like their answers, then change.  It is never too late and is well worth the work.

Here is a story of Angela and how she changed care providers and hospitals 48 hours before her due date because they were pressuring her into an induction, even though she and the baby were fine!

Best way to avoid interventions?

I think that the best way to avoid unnecessary interventions is to have a care provider (and birth location) that doesn’t routinely use them!  Almost every intervention has a good time to use it in some births, but to use them routinely for all moms, can actually cause problems instead of fix them.

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