Hypnobabies for Dummies

What if I was to write a book – Hypnobabies for Dummies?  Well, it would be pretty simple.

Buy the Hypnobabies Home Study  – or if you are lucky enough to have a live instructor near you, sign up for a class! 

Follow the instructions for practice.

Use your tools during birth.

So that is pretty simple and works, but it would also be a sort of lame book, so let me delve in a little deeper.

Ask yourself a few questions,

Why do you want to take Hypnobabies?

  • Is it to have a more comfortable birth? 
  • Is it to develop tools to help you during pregnancy, birth and motherhood? 
  • Is it because your friend took it and loved it?
  • Is it to stay calm and peaceful until you can get an epidural?

Any answer is fine and it may change over time as you take the class.  It is just nice to know why you want to take it.

Do you understand the type of commitment needed through your pregnancy?

  • You will need to read the class lessons, or go to the class to learn.
  • You will need to do daily fingerdrop practice, which only takes a few minutes a day.
  • You will need to listen to pregnancy affirmations, which you can easily do while driving, or washing dishes… whatever you want.
  • You will also need to listen to a hypnosis script every day.  This can be done as you wake up in the morning or as you fall asleep at night.  OR anytime during the day you can be in a quiet, relaxed spot for 25 minutes or so.
  • It is not possible to have perfect practice, but this is the ideal.  For me listening while I fell asleep at night, worked best. 
  • If you have a birth partner, have them learn some tools that can help you during your birthing time.
  • Come up with an ideal birth scenario and visualize it!

During your birth – use your tools!!! 

  • Honestly you can start using them before your birth.   
  • But for sure as your birthing time starts, use your fingerdrop.  Put on your MP3s to help you go deeper into hypnosis and relaxation.
  • Use your birthing day MP3s too.  The birthing day affirmations are great for early birthing time and then when things get more active, put on your birthing day MP3.
  • Have your birth partner use the cues they have learned and practiced.  I LOVE the relax cue, when my hubby put his hands on my shoulders and said, “relax”  MMM, it felt so good. 
  • Remember birth is unpredictable, it may not go as you expect, stay flexible and remember you can still use your tools throughout. 

Anyone can use Hypnobabies and benefit, why not you!

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