Imperfect Student, sleeping through CD’s – Still had a great birth!

I just wanted to add a few Hypnobabies-specific things that I experienced with this birth from my own point of view.

I wasn’t sure how well the program was going to work.  I sometimes forgot to listen to my CDs and I didn’t remember to do the finger drop/eyes open practice 5 times a day.  I was worried that because I wasn’t as devout as I had planned to be that it wasn’t going to work so well for me.  Plus, it seemed like I fell asleep whenever I listened to the CDs.

Then I went into labor….

I LOVED using the Open and Release Cues.  I listened to the Birthing Day Track several times when I was in early labor, and then I turned it off and listened to CDs that I used to relax to in pregnancy.  While listening to the music I would pace or sit on the birth ball and say “Open” on my inhale and “Release” on the exhale of every breath.  When I had a particularly powerful pressure wave then I would also say “Peace” along with the other words.  ONE time during labor I said that it “hurt” and it was early in labor, and I was trying to lay in bed to rest, but that seemed to be the worst position for me and I was not breathing or focusing when I experienced it “hurting”.  I listened to my instincts and got out of bed.  It felt much better for me to be upright during the rest of my birthing time.  This made sense for me, since I preferred to practice my Hypnobabies with my light switch in the middle anyway (I did not do well with the switch off).
I wasn’t sure that I was really in labor (since I had pre-labor for a week and there were no other signs like bloody show or anything).  When the midwife arrived at 4:45 am I was hoping she would tell me I was really in labor.  She told me I was 6-7 cm and baby was +1/+2 station.  I relaxed even more when I realized the baby would be here soon.  My husband said I used the word “safe” for the first time after my midwife arrived.
I got in the birth tub at this time.  I had about 3 pressure waves in the tub that were intense, but I found my rhythm easily and they didn’t seem any stronger than before.  Once, between pressure waves…I had a conversation with the baby.  I told our baby that the birth would happen soon and that we were ready for her and that it would be a gentle and wonderful experience for her.  On the VERY next contraction…I felt the downward pressure of her head in the birth canal.  I told the midwife that the baby was coming.  I was amazed that the labor ended and the pushing phase began as soon as we had that little talk.  :0)

I used the AHHHHHHHH exhale pushing.  It was great to vocalize.  My husband was a bit surprised since I didn’t vocalize during any other part of the labor.  I had read about this technique and planned to use it though, especially since my 1st dd was born very quickly.  When I started to feel the ring of fire, I just said “Peace, peace, peace”  Over and over.  At one point my voice got into a higher pitch and my midwife directed me to look into her eyes and blow.  It was really easy for her to communicate with me and I immediately opened my eyes and kept eye contact with her.  At this point, the baby’s head was halfway out.  On the next push our baby was born.

I didn’t even realize I was saying the Peace cue during the pushing until I watched the video.  I was also surprised at how in control I felt with the pushing.  Because of the AHHHHH exhale pushing…I felt as if I knew what to do when it was time to push her out.  With my first baby…I just screamed during the pushing.  This time I felt very natural about pushing and like I had a plan of action instead of feeling out of control.

I would describe certain parts of the birth as intense.  But, when I was checked at 5:00 am, I just wanted the MW to tell me that I was at least in active labor.  I had no idea that 30 minutes later I would be holding our baby.  So, that should tell you how intense (or lack thereof) I experienced it.  It also seemed as if it got easier as the time passed.  I remember when I was pacing, it was most intense…and that is when I was making the first efforts of getting focused.  It never got MORE intense than it was then, even when I was in transition.  When she was being born, it was markedly more gentle and easier than my first experience.  Almost like a more dulled sense of burning than when DD#1 was born.

So, those are my Hypnobabies-specific tidbits.  I just wanted to add to what  my husband told in his story and let you all know how well the program worked.  I also want to say that the fear release was important, as things came up for me that I didn’t realize I needed to deal with (like my mother).

Take Care,

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