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Links for Pregnancy Birth Book

Kick Counting Saves Lives

Bryson’s Birth Video –

Bryson’s Birth Story

Verbal First Aid Book –

The Possibilities in Hypnosis, Where the Patient has Power. 

download a free “Instantly Calm” hypnosis track – On the main page, click on self study in the top menu bar and the last choice is free MP3 tracks.

Finding MP3s on specific topics mentioned throughout the book on the Hypnobabies site.   Click on my affiliate link here and then go to “shop here”  This allows me to get a tiny affiliate fee.  😊  Thanks!

Happy Stomach (help for nausea) tips

Photos from Life Magazine in the 1950’s with moms using hypnosis for birth.

Picking a good care provider tips.

Choices before, during and after Birth Online Class

Dental work and birth hypnosis – comparing dental work and birth

Many people use hypnosis to stay calm and comfortable during a root canal.

Some of my early Hypnobabies students statistics

Hypnobabies birth videos

Make this into a PDF??

video series about inductions

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