Sunday Surfin – Great blog posts I have read


Mom walks out of hospital while in early labor with twins, when threatened with unnecessary cesarean.  She goes on to have lovely vaginal birth with supportive OB.

I recently shared my thoughts on my very different 3 births.  Here is a post from another mom reflecting on her three births.

Found a new Birth Blog thanks to the Labor Day Carnival at Birth Activist’s Blogging for a Better Birth

Choose your care provider wisely!  Birth Team vs Birth Dictator

Eat during your birth, even cookies!  I love this picture!

Another reason not to induce babies before 40 weeks!  Early Babies more at risk for CP – hits close to home as Thing 1 has mild CP and was born at 34 weeks.

If a mom’s water breaks and her birthing time doesn’t start, what are her options?  This post gives a balanced view of her different options and their pros and cons.


Birth Trauma for Doulas – I think almost any doula who has attended a few births has had some trauma.

Great reminder of one thing we should do while preparing to attend a birth.


Funny parody on formula marketing.


Chores for Kids – My 2 youngest just got into a Waldorf Charter School and I am trying to find more age appropriate chores for them.  I though this was a lovely list.

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