Natural Induction Methods

Natural Induction Methods to Consider

Please make sure you are nearing or past your Guess Date (“due date”) before considering any of these ideas.

As always, you should seek the advice of a medical doctor or midwife to answer any health-related or pregnancy-related issues surrounding your pregnancy, labor and delivery, or before starting any new pregnancy-related program.

To begin, consider these carefully:

  • Do a Fear Release session from Hypnobabies Class; listen to your MP3 and allow your inner mind to really respond automatically. This can allow you to rid yourself of any possible blocks or fears and childbirth, parenting, pushing etc. very important!
  • Talk to your baby. Your baby is a part of you. In the Come Out Baby MP3 you get to talk to the baby, but you may want to do it other times too, especially when you are *relaxed*. Your baby will respond as he/she is a part of you and your inner mind knows that. Explain to your baby many times each day that we need him/her to come out soon so that mommy and daddy can kiss and love on him/her, and how *nice* that will be, to meet face to face. A running dialogue with your child, although unconventional, can make a great deal of difference to your subconscious mind and your baby.
  • From now on, use affirmations often throughout your day and night, and in the first person – “I am having a wonderful birthing. I am entering my Easy, comfortable Birthing Time now. My cervix opens and softens more with every breath I exhale from now on, etc..”
  • Play your Birthing-day Affirmations CD from Hypnobabies several times a day, in the back ground, whatever you are doing, and when you go to sleep at night. Just keep it running.
  • Get Relaxed and listen to your Birth Guide CD since it has many “this is it” suggestions. You may choose to do the “Belly Lift” (from the book, “Back Labor No More”) when you get any birthing waves coming on, to use gravity and the trajectory of the baby to full advantage. Your Lightswitch will need to be in the Center if you choose to do the Belly Lift.

It is also beneficial to consciously explore your feelings about your baby’s birth and let go of any *control issues*. Here’s a good way to do that:

Write down exactly what things you are trying to control with this baby’s birth and give it to your birth partner.

Take a bath with nice glowing candles all around.

Have your partner sit close by and bring you into hypnosis with the word, “Release”. Your lightswitch will turn Off and just relax.

Have him/her read each concern to you and give you the suggestion that whatever happens with that particular scenario, all will be well, and you are to just let it go. (i.e.: that whenever the baby is born, whoever is in attendance, however your birthing goes, all will be fine.)

With each one, just let it all go. Wrap each concern up in black box and send it way out into the universe until you can’t see it at all.

When you are finished, have your birth partner guide you to visualize your birthing, ending with the holding of your sweet baby in your arms, and allow yourself to feel the joy.

Imagine that you’ve already given birth and everything was fine, just the way it was, no matter what.

Give up trying to control anything about this birthing and just let your baby come to you.

The Come Out Baby script is good for this also.

This goes far beyond Fear Clearing and will allow you to just let go of the control that so many of us want to have over the birthing process.

Nature has a plan and we must respect that.

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