Simplifying – Step 3 – Declutter Toys AGAIN!

Boxes and baskets ready for more toys to be decluttered

The second day dawned. I reviewed the book 1 more time. I really needed inspiration to let more things go.

I got my boxes ready. I had hidden them in my closet the night before. I got the toys that were downstairs and then put them all together – holy cow does that boy have a lot of cars. I guess when you have 2 big brothers and you get all their toys and then get your own toys you have A LOT of toys.

Cars –

One of the hardest things was the “Cars” cars. He has so many cars – so I divided them into 2 sections also and then I pulled the Cars aside, put them in a bucket that is easily accessible that I can pull out if he asks for them. I am curious if and when he will. I will admit that the Star Wars people are still in his drawer, he loves to play Star Wars. We also have all our Legos in the drawers under the car table.

Plastic Animals Divided and Conquered.


He also has lots of plastic animals. For that I put half in a bucket to store and the other half to keep out and play with. If he never asks for those other animals (where is the plastic frog with black spots?) then I may just donate that whole box in 6 months. Or I can rotate them.

Stuffed Animals

I love this tip I found forever ago. Put them into a bean bag cover for storage. It is so great! However we have TONS of them in there. It was hard to give those away, because he plays with them a lot, so I went through and picked out some he is too old for and I know he doesn’t play with. I will sell the Teletubbies on e-bay and then give away the rest.

Stuffed Animals hiding in their Bean Bag Cover

Big Trucks

This is AFTER I got rid of half.

Then we have the Big Trucks. Here is what it looks like after I had gotten rid of half the day before. So after seeing them all like that, I got rid of half of that pile. Most went into the toy library. But the annoying firetruck whose siren goes off at random times is getting donated! 🙂

I forgot about the closet!

I was feeling good and almost ready to tackle his books when I remembered his closet!

Uggh, luckily it was pretty organized and I did get rid of some games that were dumb and some toys that were electronic. The costumes are in there and just needed to be organized. So that didn’t take too long.

Here is a picture of all the toys I wanted to store in the “toy library” I got them into a giant box for the big trucks and the rest were put into other boxes/storage on the top shelf of the closet. I know where Buzz Lightyear is if T3 asks for him, he is pretty easy to get.

I got rid of 2 bags of garbage, 2 bags of stuff to give away and a box of nice stuff to give away, all this to rotate in and out and it was time to move onto the Books!

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