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Attending Shannon’s Birth Ended up Being Amazing!

As we got closer and closer to her due date I got more and more nervous.  Here were my conflicting feelings.

  • I trusted Shannon’s body.
  • I knew that she felt great about the VBAC, so I felt that if she was unhindered she could have a great birth.
  • I am a VBAC mom and I know how amazing it can be.
  • I knew how hard Shannon was working to prepare and I wanted her to get a real chance to have the birth she desired.


  • I was nervous about the hospital and the OB and if they would truly support her desires.
  • I didn’t know what we would face there.
  • Would the staff at the hospital try to scare her into a repeat cesarean? I  have read many stories like this, so I knew it was a possibility.
  • What would I do if they tried to scare her into it?  What would my role look like in this situation?
  • Was her care provider really going to be supportive or was she going to pull the rug out from under her again?

On top of it, Shannon was buying a house and moving all while 39-40 weeks pregnant.  So she didn’t want the baby to come until after she moved.  The one potential problem with that was that her OB wanted a cesarean scheduled at 41 weeks, as she wasn’t comfortable having her go past that.

Then at one appointment her OB at one appointment said the fluid was looking low.  Shannon said she wanted a second opinion, which she got.  All was well with baby and fluid level.

Her cesarean was scheduled for a Friday.  We talked a few times that week.  She finally got all moved into her house on Wednesday.   She texted me Wednesday night and said she thought she lost her mucus plug.

I  texted back,

“Great.  I would try to get as much sleep as you can tonight.  Rest is your friend.  If you can’t sleep through pressure waves, continue to rest and listen to your CDs”

That is one of the things I love about Hypnobabies, it is a great tool to help keep moms rested before active birthing time!

I hoped she would call sometime Wednesday night saying things had started.  She didn’t.

I knew she had an induction massage scheduled for Thursday.  I was hoping and praying that something would start on Thursday, because I knew the clock was running out.  Her repeat cesarean was scheduled for the very next morning!

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