Stress Solutions for Pregnant Moms – Book Review

I was sent a copy of Stress Solutions for Pregnant Moms to review.

I was excited to see what this book contained and how helpful it would really be.

It is chock full of information and tools for moms to reduce stress.  It is geared towards pregnant moms, but would certainly benefit any moms!

She starts off by explaining how stress is negative not only for the pregnant mom, but also for the baby.  She gives checklists to help moms determine how much stress they have in their life.  (You get a score and see where you fit)  This was pretty interesting to take.

Then she shares many different ways to lower stress. I love that she gives point amounts. Then you can see how your stress level can literally be lowered by these different activities.  I love that she says it isn’t one size fits all.  So you can pick the ones that work for you!

I was a little sad she didn’t mention hypnosis for pregnancy specifically.  But she does talk about music, belly breathing, affirmations, meditation, power naps to name just a few.  Those that I just mentioned are benefits I feel Hypnobabies
incorporates.   So not only are moms able to lower their stress level, they are preparing for a more comfortable birth too!  🙂

I learned some new techniques to lower stress and that was great.  I am going to pass this book onto one of my friends who is having trouble getting pregnant.  Stress can make that more challenging too.  So I am hoping this may help in her quest!

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