Tool #1: The Power of your Mind – Education – Enjoy Birth {day 14}

Education – We already talked about one mind tool a few days ago and that is education.

When your mind is full of good information about birth, you will have the tools to make good choices for you and your baby on your birthing journey.


In my experience the best tool to harness the power of your mind is Hypnobabies. 


I used the Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis program and it was amazing!  My wonderful experience with the program is why I now teach it.  I am also a birth doula for many of my students and I moderate the Hypnobabies Yahoo Group.  It is so wonderful to see these moms having really enjoyable birth experiences by using the tools from Hypnobabies, so I sing the praises of Hypnobabies to everyone!


Why is Hypnobabies such a great childbirth program?


  • Hypnobabies provides deep levels of relaxation and creates a natural anesthesia, with self hypnosis to help you stay calm and comfortable before, during and after your birth.  There are easy words and actions you and your birth partner can use to deepen your relaxation and comfort as needed.  Dentists use hypnosis for people to stay calm and comfortable during dental surgery so hypnosis can certainly work for something that your body is supposed to do!


  • Hypnobabies helps you be in tune with yourself and your baby.   With daily relaxation practice and listening to scripts you have time set aside every day where you connect with your baby.


  • Eyes open – Hypnobabies has eyes open hypnosis, which means you can walk and talk and easily move around during your birth, while still being relaxed and comfortable!


  • Releases fears – Moms who take Hypnobabies, learn to create a Bubble of Peace, which can help protect them from others’ negativity.  There is also a wonderful Fear Release CD that helps moms to release their fears about birth, life post-baby and any other issues that may be causing them anxiety.   This helps moms to avoid the fear/pain/tension cycle.


  • Hypnobabies gives you more birthing options.  Because you will receive a wonderful education about birth AND have powerful hypnosis tools to help you stay more calm and comfortable, you will have many more options during your birth.  You will know what your choices are and you will be able to make them with confidence during your birth.  If you are birthing at a hospital, you’ll still have an option for medication—but an epidural becomes a choice instead of a need.   Eighty percent of the moms who take my Hypnobabies classes choose to go un-medicated.  Most of the moms who chose an epidural did so because they were tired rather than for pain relief.  Of the moms who did not receive pitocin 94% chose to go un-medicated.


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