Video – Destroy Birth with Hippo Babies?

Thanks to Thing 2 for creating this fun video for me!

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Story behind the video.

I have a giant sign on the back of my van which says – Enjoy Birth.

A few years ago T1 started saying – Destroy Birth with Hippo Babies. The complete opposite of Enjoy Birth with Hypnobabies.

I knew it was a Lego Video waiting to happen.

My boys love making Lego videos and in fact taped one over my friends birth video I had taken. That was a bummer. But they redeemed themselves when T2 finally made me the Destroy Birth with Hippo-babies video.

  • I LOVE how he came up with the “birth brick” instead of the birth ball.
  • He also came up with the idea that the Hippo-baby part was a dream and then she had to put on her Hypnobabies CD to help her fall back asleep. 🙂
  • His friend helped him do the voices.

Have you ever felt like stampeding hippos came through a birth you were at?

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