Do you feel like you are buried in toys?  If you have more then one kid, I am pretty sure you do!

When we had our first son, Thing 1 we didn’t have too many toys.  I was pretty choosy about what we got.  He didn’t even get a truck until he was over a year old.

When we had our second son, we had a good amount of toys from  T1 and then T2 would get gifts of more toys and T1 was getting gifts too and suddenly we seemed like we were swimming in toys.  I de-cluttered a bit as time went by.

Then we had our third son who inherited all his brothers toys and of course had his own.  By now we had moved to a bigger house, so we gave him the biggest bedroom out of all the boys, because it holds 12 years worth of toys in it.

It was overwhelming to me and to him too.

Finally I got the inspiration I needed to really de-clutter his toys and simplify!  Read my journey and see pictures here.

Step 1 – The Inspiration

Step 2 – Simplify Toys

Step 3 – Simplify Toys AGAIN

Step 4 – Simplify Books

Step 5 – Enjoy

I have to say that the book Simplicity Parenting has been so helpful in encouraging me to take this step.  Of course, being in the book club helped too!  🙂

I encourage you to simplify your toys.  De-clutter and enjoy what toys you love even more!

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  1. LOVED this post. Tomorrow I’m attacking the kids’ rooms!!! Especially the bookshelves.

  2. I really enjoyed reading this! I have worked hard to keep the children’s rooms clutter free (except for books and a few lovies) and they are cleaned up daily, but we have a playroom. While we tidy the playroom daily too, and constantly purge toys, there are wayyyyyyy too many! We also have way too many books. Good books. Yet, you’ve inspired me to keep less books in their room and have them rotate them more often, and to go through toys again and see what we can get rid of and then store half away. Thank you for the visual too! 🙂

    EnjoyBirth Reply:

    Glad it helped! I actually pulled out the “cars” cars today for the first time since I decluttered (he asked for them) and he has been playing non-stop with them. I think it really helps them love their toys more when they don’t have so many and when they rotate in and out.

  3. Thanks for this post, i was cleaning out their toys last night right before i read this… My kids love to read and “read” every time they are in bed all by themselves, We do have a ton of books. It hasn’t hindered their reading but it has kept them from finding different boks from their favorites. they seem to read the same ones, So I too put away about 2/3 of their books. I hope this opens them up to new ones. We also went through their toys and got rid of some, but i am picky about the toys i buy, clean them out a few times a year and have always bought them for a purpose and don’t have many repeats. We probably have too many toys still but they all have a purpose…:) that is when it gets hard to decide what to get rid of. Maybe i will try again in a few days… 😉 All in all these posts really did help me to be sure of what i got rid of. We also chose to put favorites in the garage where i can get to them when they want them.

    stacy Reply:

    Oh i just saw the fabric over the toys…that is a great idea!

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