Diane is day nurse and is excellent!

Long day!  We went in at 9AM.  He had already eaten, so I just held him.  He was very alert!  We mentioned breastfeeding to the nurse.  So when we came back at 12 the screen was all set up.  She helped get him latched on.  He does so good.  He does 10 minutes on each side, then we give him a bottle.

The nurse freaked us out a bit by saying he might come home in the next few days- so I need to breastfeed as much as possible and she would have me change him, etc at 3.  (Thank you to this nurse for taking my desire to breastfeed seriously.  She was the one who was serious about me nursing as much as possible, so he would be ready to come home)

So we came home and took a short nap and went back.  I took his temperature, changed him and fed him again.  He is so precious.

Rob and I went back at 8:30.  I changed him again and he ate at the breast and then some bottle.  Susan was his night nurse and she was so sweet.  I was SO tired when we got home.  Oh, we also stopped by Dr. W’s for my UTI.  I am on Keflex now.  (I had recurring UTI through my pregnancy with T1, it is probably what led to my preterm labor)

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  1. At the time did you know about the connection between UTI and preterm labor? The things we learn in retrospect!

    EnjoyBirth Reply:

    I didn’t until I developed the PTL. But I was the one who insisted on another UTI check after learning about it. The first test showed I didn’t. But one taken 2 days later showed I did.

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