Preemie NICU experience – First Breastfeeding at 9 days


Went and did 9 AM feeding.  Nurse was running behind so he was ready to be fed at 9:30.  He was very alert.  He stayed awake through more than half of his feeding.  He LOOKED at me.  It was so precious.   (I remember this very vividly even 13 years later.  It was the first time I felt we had connected since he was born.)

I just got my rented pump today and it is so much easier than the other one.  Rob’s mom is coming up today and they will go visit in the afternoon.  She ended up not coming.

Mom and I went to 3 PM feeding. It was his First time breastfeeding, he latched on! (He was 9 days old and it was his first time?  This seems appalling to me now.  He was a healthy 34 weeker, yes he was small, but he was breathing great.  I don’t remember ever doing any skin to skin either before this point.  This was 13 years ago and I hope that this has changed.)

We had a birthday party for Rob.  4 couples came over from 6:30-8.  We had an ice cream cake.  It was fun.  I wanted to make sure Rob had a special time for him because it is his 30th birthday this year.  After everyone left Mom, Rob and I crashed and watched The American President.  (WHAT WAS I THINKING?  This is all I can say 13 years later.  I was crazy.  Though it was super easy, because we bought a cake and they were only over for an hour or so.  But it was a bit crazy.)

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  1. Finally latched on! hooray! I’m with you; I really hope things have changed by now. Skin to skin and early breastfeeding are SO important!

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