Hungry while birthing? Go ahead and eat!

August 2, 2011 in Birth, Birth Care Provider, Births Attended, Childbirth Education, Choose Wisely, Doula

This is one of my hot buttons.  Refusing food and drink to a birthing woman is SO stupid!

If you were to run a marathon would you eat and drink during it?

YES, you would need energy.  Birthing moms need just as much energy. 

Freezing hot (62/365)

Popsicles ONLY!

I remember once as a doula when I got in trouble for getting juice for a birthing mom.  The nurse sternly said, “You can’t have juice to drink!  You can have a Popsicle though.”

I wanted to ask, “You are aware when Popsicle melt they turn into juice?”

Many nurses agree withholding food and drink from a birthing mom is stupid.  Also key to notice in this post by At Your Cervix is that some Doctors really love NPO (no food or drink during birth) and some are fine with mom eating or drinking so Choose Your Care Provider Carefully!

Many hospitals are starting to agree that food and drink during birth is fine.  So Choose Your Birth Location Carefully too!

Want to learn more about this topic?

Death by Cheeseburger?

Is it really safe to eat and drink during birth?

What about you?

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