Hungry while birthing? Go ahead and eat!

This is one of my hot buttons.  Refusing food and drink to a birthing woman is SO stupid!

If you were to run a marathon would you eat and drink during it?

YES, you would need energy.  Birthing moms need just as much energy. 

Freezing hot (62/365)

Popsicles ONLY!

I remember once as a doula when I got in trouble for getting juice for a birthing mom.  The nurse sternly said, “You can’t have juice to drink!  You can have a Popsicle though.”

I wanted to ask, “You are aware when Popsicle melt they turn into juice?”

Many nurses agree withholding food and drink from a birthing mom is stupid.  Also key to notice in this post by At Your Cervix is that some Doctors really love NPO (no food or drink during birth) and some are fine with mom eating or drinking so Choose Your Care Provider Carefully!

Many hospitals are starting to agree that food and drink during birth is fine.  So Choose Your Birth Location Carefully too!

Want to learn more about this topic?

Death by Cheeseburger?

Is it really safe to eat and drink during birth?

What about you?

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5 thoughts on “Hungry while birthing? Go ahead and eat!”

  1. I had just arrived to the hospital from the birth center for my second birth and I was close to being done. My mouth was dry and I wanted water. My doula jumped to get me some, and the MIDWIFE said no, ice chips only. I said, “Oh for pete’s sake!” and had ice chips because I couldn’t fight it at that point, I was too far in labor to do anything but be in labor. But really. Ice melts into water. What in the world?!?!

    Drives me crazy. Next time, I’ll tell my doula that if I ask for anything to eat or drink, to give it to me anyway and I will tell the nurse/doc/midwife I refuse to comply.

  2. I was actually “allowed” to eat but not drink! But that was due to them limiting my fluid intake, they said they had to due to I think the mag sulfate I was on for my pre-e? But they actually brought me a meal shortly before I pushed my son out. I didn’t eat much of it and I threw up what little bit I did eat when I hit transition shortly after eating. Alas.
    This was in Australia, btw. 🙂

  3. I had such a pleasant surprise when I went into the hospital for my last doula client. She was actually eating a good meal that they brought to her, and they gave her peppermint tea later on for her nausea.

    This is one of my pet peeves also as there is absolutely no research behind it. The funny thing is, doctors know it, so the excuse I would get the most often for not allowing women to eat or drink was so that they wouldn’t get nauseous and throw it up….I really think that should be the woman’s

    In any case, I always tell women to bring something to eat…then they can decide for themselves…and I have no qualms about it either:)

  4. My friend Stacy shared this on Facebook
    “i was surprised when i was in labor with ashton how many things they have changed in the last 2 years…

    they TOLD me to order some food. i was so surprised! i was almost an 8 when they encouraged that.”

    I love that some hospitals are really catching up with the research! That is just wonderful.

  5. “You are aware when Popsicles melt they turn into juice?” . . .


    It is frustrating that this 70 year old policy is still lingering around so many places. Hopefully the internet (and blog posts like this) will help accelerate progress on this.

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