12 pound baby born vaginally!Sadly it is hard to find a care provider who will support a mom in doing a vaginal birth of a breech baby.  There are some out there, but you really have to search.  Contact your local childbirth educators and doulas to see if they have resources for you.

Another option is to try and encourage the baby to turn.  

There are many different tools and tips to encourage your baby to turn, here is one you may not have thought of.

Can listening to a Hypnosis MP3 actually help?

Luckily Hypnobabies has a MP3 you can buy and download.  Turn Your Breech Baby, Yes You Can!   I have had many doula clients/students use the Hypnobabies Breech Baby MP3, most with great success.

Can you use the MP3 if you are not a Hypnobabies student?

YES you can, it is meant for any pregnant mom, you don’t need to be taking Hypnobabies.  Which is great news!


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