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2 Simple Ideas for Helping Placenta Previa “Move Up”

Many moms are told early in their pregnancy that their placentas are low.  Here are some wonderful visualization ideas to help those moms, from our wonderful Hypnobabies Instructor Carole.

Encouraging Thoughts to Help Visualize what you Want

I have some encouraging information and thoughts for you…and if you can internalize these thoughts in the form of affirmations by recording them to a voice memo yourself in whatever wording suits your psyche and your circumstances, or through direct self-hypnosis suggestions if you are to the point in your programming to be able to do so…

Good News – Placentas “grow” towards softer area of uterus

First, the placenta doesn’t “move” per se. It appears to “migrate” simply because it will grow more readily and rapidly towards the area of the uterus that is softer, more vascular and blood rich (which is NOT the cervix!).

Which is good news.

As your placenta grows, imagine it growing more rapidly on the sides that are not near the cervix.

That will happen automatically.

Get a Balloon to Help You Visualize this Next Part!

Now, also imagine that your uterus is getting larger like a balloon as it is being filled with air…which it most certainly does!

Now, imagine the area of your uterus between the edge of your placenta that is nearest your cervix, growing and creating an ever-widening gap between your placenta and your cervix…which it also most certainly does.

You might even draw a circle on the lower portion of a deflated balloon, which will represent the placenta, near the opening of the balloon (which represents the cervix) … and then blow up that balloon and you will have a visual of what I am talking about!

Keep “replaying” the positive visuals in your mind.

Expecting only the best possible outcome.

Hypnobabies moms expect, visualize and create comfortable births all the time with the power of their own minds.

The mind body connection is a very powerful tool.

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