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34. Hypnobabies was my Saving Grace, as I Pushed Out Two Ginormous Infants

I am so excited to have my first guest on the podcast.

Angela shares her last 2 Hypnobabies births.

Both were 10+ pound babies, yet each was unique and powerful.

DJ and Gracie

Gracie’s 45 minute Hypnobabies Birth

Listen as she shares how quickly the 45 minutes from water breaking to baby in arms went.

The Hypnobabies Pushing Track was key!

Hearing Kerry’s voice helped me so much because things were moving so quickly. Hypnobabies was a saving grace for me with this 45 minute birth of a 10 pound + baby.

Gracelyn Anne Larsen born into my arms at 2:40am after only 40 minutes of birthing time. Weighing in at 10 pounds 1 ounce 22 inches long. We are so in love with our baby Gracie!

DJ’s Hypnobabies Birth

DJ was born 15 months after Gracie.

Angela was over 42 weeks along and she asked her midwife to break her water. Her midwife was hesitant, warning her it might take longer than Gracie’s 45 minute birth, since that one started spontaneously.

But Angela, knew this was the day.

Party Birth

Angela calls this her party birth, she had her husband, 5 daughters, her childhood best friend (to help with her girls) a doula (me) the midwife and her assistant a photographer, and a DJ.

Things started right after her water was broken!

As soon as the tub was full enough she got in and this time she had to push a bit more as DJ’s head was pretty big, but he came out safely and we all cried tears of joy as she welcomed this sweet baby boy after 5 girls.

Daniel Jacob was born tonight in an hour surrounded by lots of love. 10 pounds 3 oz, 22 inches. BIRTH IS MAGICAL. Thank you to my amazing birth team!

Listen to the Podcast!

There are so many fun parts of this conversation. Listen in to enjoy all the awesome details.

I am so honored I got to attend 3 of Angela’s Births.

You can listen to her 1st Hypnobabies birth here.

Link to Iryln’s birth story and video!

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