2009 Hypnobabies Students Statistics

This is the second of 4 posts.  Each birth is unique and I don’t think of my students as numbers by any means.  But I am also fascinated by numbers, so I enjoy doing my stats each year.  I am going to post my overall Doula and then Hypnobabies Students Stats.  Then I will also post my stats for doula clients and Hypnobabies Students for 2009.

This post is for all my Hypnobabies Students that let me know about their births (some of my doula clients do the home study and I do not count them in these statistics).

Cesarean Rate: 29%  (If I take out my mom that had a surprise breech baby and was forced to have a cesarean then it is 23%)

The rest of the statistics don’t include the cesarean moms.

So of the moms who had vaginal births looking at epidural/un-medicated:

90%  un-medicated

10%  epidurals

So of the moms who had vaginal births with NO Pitocin looking at epidural/un-medicated:

100%  un-medicated

0% medicated

Stats of vaginal birth moms regarding comfort:

44%  completely comfortable

23%  some manageable discomfort

33% had discomfort during active birthing time

Moms with no pitocin comfort level:

66% completely comfortable

11%  some manageable discomfort

33%  had discomfort during active birthing time

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