Angela – Phone Call from the head OB

(This is the third in a series of e-mails Angela, posted on the Hypnobabies Yahoo Group in December.  I will be posting them here approximately on the dates she sent them in December so you can see the steps she took to try to create the ideal birth for her.  It required a lot of her work on her part.  Check back to see the challenges she faced and the choices she made and what the outcome was.)

Thank you for all of your encouraging words.  It makes me smile and we are so happy with the change!

The head OB at the practice called me from her home on Saturday and left a message asking me to call her back on her cell.  My brother-in-law is the head neruologist in the area and she is one of his good friends. They also serve on several large medical boards here in the Phoenix West Valley.  So He called her and told her I was unhappy and that I must have mis-understood what the Dr. was saying about the induction.  He thought I misunderstood and the me and the baby were in danger and he wanted me to go to the emergency room.  Glad I have a strong husband who thank you to his brother! We told him we had already met with another doctor and all was ok! He is the one who also had his wife induced at this practice (I mentioned it in the first post).

So I called the Head OB back yesterday to explain what happened.
I told her the story, and she said :

“well you must have mis-understood me in our meeting two weeks ago.  We may honor certian patient requests to not induce prior to the due date on certian occasions but IT IS OUR PRACTICE POLICY WITH ALL PATIENTS TO INDUCE BY OR PRIOR TO THE DUE DATE.”  She is the one who told me and my husband two weeks ago that they would not consider induction until after 41 weeks.

So this practice is NOT upfront about their practice policies and to me they were not exactly honest with me in my questions and requests.  She also told us in that same appointment to stay home as long as possible during birthing time knowing all along that it would be unlikely that I would even make it to that point..since all along they planned to induce prior to the due date.

Realistically they were not going to even give me a chance.

So I just told her on the phone, “thank you for taking care of me for the past few months but I will be delivering elsewhere because your practice does not align with our philosophies and desires for birthing our baby. I just wish I would have known this earlier.”

She said “Well I’m sorry it didn’t work out.”

And that was it.

Just wanted to fill you in on the post-converstaion with the Owner and Head OB of the Practice.

We will be writing a letter and I will be sharing my story with fellow moms in the valley.


Angela A.
40 weeks & 2 days!
Phoenix, AZ

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  1. SO PROUD OF YOU ANGLEA…you are an amazing mom already, trusting in yourself and fighting for what you know is right. Your series of posts brought tears to my eyes. You make me proud to be a woman (and doula-in-training). BLESSINGS!!!!!

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