2012 in Review – Positive attitude and faith make tough months good

I was pondering on 2012.

9 months were good.  Busy with the  boys and my “birth business”.  Personal growth, friends, church callings, DH.  Busy but good.

I attended a few births. Some were pretty amazing and I still need to blog about some. I also taught a lot of great couples.

Three months were pretty challenging with different health issues, but in reflecting on these times I can see how things went as well as they possibly could thanks to faith, friends, family and staying positive.

  • March T1 broke his jaw and arm in March. Many miracles surrounded that event and his healing.
  • August I had a horrible cold, discovered I was pregnant, had a miscarriage and the cold lingered for weeks.Emotionally and physically draining.  But I had love and support through it all.
  • December I found out I had skin cancer on my forehead (the good kind), had surgery to have it removed and then got a horrible cold.  My head is almost healed, there is one little part that is taking its time.  But overall, while it wasn’t good – it was good timing wise it all worked out the best way it could and I was healthy in time for our ski trip for Christmas which was wonderful!

I hope next year we are all healthy, though I already know T3 has 3 cavities we are getting filled next month.  Other than that – healthy!

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