Kick Counts Are Life Saving

15 years ago today doing kick counts saved the life of my baby.

Thing 1 was born at 34 weeks because I noticed he wasn’t moving and when I went in to get things checked out, they found he was under distress.

Less than an hour later my sweet baby was born via emergency cesarean.

Saving Lives

I try to emphasize the importance of kick counting to all pregnant moms, because it can save lives.  I have had numerous moms contact me thanking me for blog posts I have done about this topic, because they had read my experience they knew to go in to get monitored if they were worried about their baby’s movement.

So I am excited to get the word out via the Enjoying Pregnancy Birth and Babies podcast!

Here is my baby today!  No longer tiny and very healthy and happy.  He is a joy to have in our family.


A great website – Count the Kicks – great explanation how to do and inspirational stories.

Tools for Kick Counting

There are also many Apps for different phones to do kick counting on.   I recently reviewed an Pregnancy Companion App that has Pregnancy Information as well as kick counter as one of it’s tools.   Or there are individual Kick Tracker Apps such as Baby Kicks

Or you can always use paper and pencil. 😉

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1 thought on “Kick Counts Are Life Saving”

  1. Hi Shridan!
    I am not pregnat, but I am trying to be….. 🙂
    thank you so much for this podcast…. I like to think that if I colect as much info as I can about pregnancy before I accualy get pregnat will help me to live through that magical but yet very stressfull time.
    I have never heard about kick counting, but I am very happy that now I know how I can monitor my baby ( future baby)without special machinery.
    thank you again
    greetings from france

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